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About our meetings: Connect, share and prosper

No long-term contract is needed at Master Networks NY-CT Region, only a month-to-month membership. However, once you join it will be tough to leave as the value of your membership becomes apparent. Join a membership network of learning-based, service-oriented entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The one-hour meetings you attend will have rotating agendas with variety and interaction built into each week. The agendas guide your chapter through an effective, results-oriented business meeting.


You will have an opportunity to educate other chapter members about your business and the types of referrals you need.

Effective one-hour weekly meetings get you results

All three of our informative and productive one-hour weekly meeting models include training and development.


The Master Networks University, an exclusive member benefit, contains business training to help you work on your business and not just in your business.

Exclusive benefits with training and development

Call today to meet with like-minded individuals in the business world.


Enjoy benefits with the affiliate rewards program

Sponsor others into any chapter across the United States and receive $10 per month in affiliate rewards. Our corporate national revenue share program gives back 20% of our revenue to members.


The monthly reward is payable as long as you and those you sponsor are members – there is no limit to the number of people you sponsor.

Once you have applied and been accepted into your Master Networks Chapter, no one else from your industry will be accepted. Some exceptions may occur with your approval.


For example, banking could include a business banker, personal banker and mortgage broker. Call 914-441-1383 for more information.

Gain from having very important exclusivity

Membership Highlights NY/CT