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Effective Networking isn't like speed dating

By nyctregion13831870, Jun 18 2016 01:56AM

Networking is the foundation of a local business. Networking generates leads. Yet, effective networking is often a hard concept to grasp. The principle is simple, but the execution is often where people go awry. Many people look at networking like they would speed dating: rinse, lather, repeat – moving on to the next person. They attend various ‘Business After Hours’ events and share their story with everyone they come in contact with, and yet they aren’t gaining any leads. They aren’t building a genuine clientele; they are merely growing an immobile database. As technology flourishes, there is more noise from emails and text messages to social media accounts, and all of which consume people. Over the past few years, people have started tuning out messages. A promotional email to a mere acquaintance that would have once drawn a person to your business now ends up in their email trash folder. Why? Because acquaintances haven’t bought in, they don’t trust you.

Effective networking is more than having a thousand ‘likes’ on social media or slipping everyone you come in contact with a business card. Effective networking isn’t making random connections. The foundation of effective networking is building authentic relationships that are built on trust and trust takes time. Genuinely follow up with people you have met. Find out their needs; find out how you can help them. Then follow through. People are more likely to tune in to messages from people they trust. People become mobile marketers for people they trust. Don’t you want a network full of people that trust you?

Stop speed dating the people in your network and start dating the people in your network.

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