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Having an Abundance Mentality Leads to Success

By nyctregion13831870, Feb 6 2018 02:07AM

I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression, “there’s plenty of fish in the sea,” and probably even rolled your eyes at that cliché expression. This dating idiom applies an Abundance Mentality. However, an Abundance Mentality isn’t limited to the dating realm; we can use that mentality to overcome obstacles that we face on a daily basis, especially in the business world. Networking and almost every aspect of our business would benefit if we trained ourselves to have an Abundance Mentality.

An Abundance Mentality means:

· There really is plenty to go around. There is more than one pie and you don’t have to fight for your piece of the one pie.

· There really is room at the top. You have plenty of room to grow.

· You are beneath no one and at the same time superior to no one.

· The world bears fruit for all.

· Situations can and do yield mutually beneficial outcomes - Win/Wins

By adopting this mentality, we are freeing ourselves from a Scarcity Mentality based on fear. We are also becoming immune to negativity, rising above our critics, and ultimately experiencing infinite freedom in our minds and hearts. Our subconscious behaviors become more inline with success and less inline with failure, negativity, superiority, and criticism. We can achieve victory with the help of others, not at the expense of others, because we find value in their uniqueness. Often an Abundance Mentality isn’t our first nature, so I challenge you in 2018 to strive to apply this mentality to all aspects of your life.

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