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How 2 Network in College - A Series: Senior Year

By nyctregion13831870, Feb 8 2019 07:04PM

Senior Year

This is your year! You’ve worked hard over the past three years to build a solid, genuine network. It’s time to put it to work.

1. Be Genuine. Over the course of your senior year, reach out to your network. Catch up with each other. Don’t just find ways that people in your network can help you, find ways that you can help people in your network. A genuine network is mutually beneficial.

2. Be a Mentee. If you haven’t found a mentor, take the time to find one, whether it is a professor, advisor or someone in the campus career center, find someone that has your best interest in mind. Someone that will take the time to guide, direct, and polish you.

3. Dive In. Your hard work has paid off. It’s time to dive in. There is a great, big world waiting for you. You are ready and well equipped, and you have an authentic network standing behind you cheering you on!

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