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Building a New York Regional Community of Like Minded Business People

By nyctregion13831870, May 29 2018 02:08PM

Recently, I was listening to Chas Wilson, CEO of Master Networks, speak about networking and he said something that struck a chord with me, “The size of your network equals the size of your net worth.” As entrepreneurs we are constantly aware of our net worth. We know if we are in the red or the black. We know our projections and if we are surpassing last year’s margins, but we rarely shift our focus from our net worth to our network. Imagine if we were as meticulous about our network as we are about our net worth.

Networking is building a list of trusted industry professionals as resources. Your network should be based on quality not quantity. It doesn’t matter how big your network is if it isn’t full of trusted referrals. How would it feel to become one of the biggest assets and resources to your friends, family, and clients? When they need something whether it is a realtor, handyman, painter, house cleaning service, car salesman, etc., they don’t hesitate to contact you because they know without a doubt that you know and recommend quality people. I recommend knowing and having at least 2 quality people to refer to your friends, family, or clients in each industry category.

So, what’s the size of your network? Is it the size of your desired net worth? If not, get busy building a network full of trusted resources and the size of your net worth will follow.

By nyctregion13831870, May 10 2018 09:02PM

It’s easy to compartmentalize networking to outside of the workplace. We often reserve networking for those weekly or monthly networking events, after work happy hours, or various organizations we’ve joined. Yet, we often underestimate the power of networking at work. I was recently reminded of this when I was speaking with an associate about the local real estate market. I was blown-away by the number of contacts she had acquired in virtually any industry. It inspired me to pick her brain. I realized that networking can and should take place anytime and anywhere, even at work … especially at work. Finding out how she networked with others could not only help me advance my career by becoming the resource for others to go to, but it would help me in other aspects of my life.

I needed to know how she networked because it was definitely working:

Which networking events did she go to?

What people was she meeting?

What organizations was she a part of?

How did she follow up with everyone?

I realized by having an in depth face to face with her, I wasn’t just opening the door to finding out how she networked, but I was opening the door to everyone she knew. She has built an extensive network of like-minded business people by joining Master Networks. She has tapped into a powerful network and she was making it even more powerful by her word-of-mouth referrals. Networking should be a part of your everyday life, so look around for those influencers they just might be sitting near you or a phone call away!

By nyctregion13831870, Apr 23 2018 08:00PM

We were meant to thrive; yet we can be one of our own worst enemies when it comes to our success.

We limit our networking circles by convincing ourselves that we shouldn’t mix our personal and professional lives. We are prideful and tell ourselves that we don’t need any help from our friends and family because we can do it on our own. We tell ourselves that by informing them of what we are up to, we are ultimately burdening them. There are numerous excuses we use as to why we won’t/don’t tap into some of our most instrumental assets in networking – our friends and family. We ultimately fall victim to one of the greatest pitfalls of networking.

Consider the alternative. Our friends and family have a vested interest in our lives, therefore, it makes complete sense that they would be more likely to want to see us succeed that a business powerhouse. Our friends and family have a plethora of connections just waiting for us to uncover. Think about your parents, your aunts and uncles, or your friends. They have been networking for countless years and have built an impressive Rolodex. By reaching out to our friends and family, we are able to acquire new contacts as well as broaden and build our current networking circles. That friend-of-a-friend or friend-of-a-family member might just turn into a golden opportunity. Can you really afford to let that golden opportunity pass you up? I didn’t think so, reach out to your friends and family. Odds are in your favor.

Let me know your experience with networking

By nyctregion13831870, Feb 6 2018 02:07AM

I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression, “there’s plenty of fish in the sea,” and probably even rolled your eyes at that cliché expression. This dating idiom applies an Abundance Mentality. However, an Abundance Mentality isn’t limited to the dating realm; we can use that mentality to overcome obstacles that we face on a daily basis, especially in the business world. Networking and almost every aspect of our business would benefit if we trained ourselves to have an Abundance Mentality.

An Abundance Mentality means:

· There really is plenty to go around. There is more than one pie and you don’t have to fight for your piece of the one pie.

· There really is room at the top. You have plenty of room to grow.

· You are beneath no one and at the same time superior to no one.

· The world bears fruit for all.

· Situations can and do yield mutually beneficial outcomes - Win/Wins

By adopting this mentality, we are freeing ourselves from a Scarcity Mentality based on fear. We are also becoming immune to negativity, rising above our critics, and ultimately experiencing infinite freedom in our minds and hearts. Our subconscious behaviors become more inline with success and less inline with failure, negativity, superiority, and criticism. We can achieve victory with the help of others, not at the expense of others, because we find value in their uniqueness. Often an Abundance Mentality isn’t our first nature, so I challenge you in 2018 to strive to apply this mentality to all aspects of your life.

By nyctregion13831870, Jan 8 2018 02:33AM

If I told you that according to a recent study a measly 8% of people tasted victory as they rang in the New Year by keeping their New Year’s Resolution, would you still make one? Chances are you would because after all, you don’t fall into that 92% who gave up mid-February. You are an entrepreneur. You are a self motivated, determined, and persistent. You finish what you start. You know that most New Year’s Resolutions fail because people tend to set too many goals and want instant success. They treat their resolution like a sprint instead of a marathon that lasts all year and tend to set goals that add no real value to their lives. They don’t equip themselves with the tools they need to accomplish their goals and that’s just not you!

As you reflect on last year and prepare for next year, set a New Year’s Resolution that will keep your business healthy and thriving in 2018 - set a networking goal. To insure success be specific with your goal. Evaluate your current networking and identify where you could improve and then create a networking road map that will help you achieve your goal.

Do you need to increase the number of people you meet?

o Often we get complacent with networking. It becomes a routine: rinse, lather, and repeat.

o Joining a networking organization like Master Networks will help you broaden your circle of influence.

o Look at a calendar and select a few key events. Who are you going to target at these events? Be specific with your goal for each networking event.

o As the year continues, set a larger goal each month.

Do you need to improve your follow up?

o Continue to follow up throughout the year. One of the most efficient ways to follow up is using a Customer Relationship Management tool like Next Level Suite.

o Categorize people into certain groups. This allows you to stay in meaningful contact with people throughout the year.

By equipping yourself with the right tools throughout the year, you will be 8% that tastes victory as you ring in 2019. Make 2018 the year of networking success!

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