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Building a New York Regional Community of Like Minded Business People

By nyctregion13831870, Jun 23 2018 09:23PM

Freshman Year

The moment you step foot on your college campus is the moment you begin building your network. The people you meet at freshman orientation, in freshman lectures, at a party, in the student center, or essentially anywhere could play the most instrumental roles in your post-graduate career. There are a few easy steps to take to cultivate the connections you make your freshman year of college that can last a lifetime. These connections can turn into connections to your future, including co-workers, bosses and, of course, friends!

1. Be Gregarious. Be Social. Talk to anyone and everyone, there is no need to be picky or exclusive. "Everyone has a network. Your friends, family friends, classmates, employers, graduate teaching assistants, hairdresser, dean, librarian, professors, and, yes, neighbors, are all in your network and can help you expand your contacts. No one starts from scratch and you never know where any connection may lead." -- Lindsey Pollak, author of Getting from College to Career. Don’t be too selective in networking; keep your net wide. The average college student changes their major approximately two times; therefore, a lot can change over the course of four years. Dreams and goals could align by senior year.

2. Be Interested. Building meaningful relationships means taking time to truly get to know people. Ask questions, not just about their goals and career plans, but also about their family and hobbies. Then open up. Cultivating a meaningful network is about building genuine relationships and friendships.

3. Be Adventurous. Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with a random stranger. Join a variety of social clubs and organizations, including Greek life. Sororities and fraternities are tight-knit groups; they will often lend a hand to their members.

4. Be Intentional. Set networking goals for yourself each semester. Whether it is joining a new club or meeting a certain number of people, always challenge yourself.

By nyctregion13831870, May 10 2018 09:02PM

It’s easy to compartmentalize networking to outside of the workplace. We often reserve networking for those weekly or monthly networking events, after work happy hours, or various organizations we’ve joined. Yet, we often underestimate the power of networking at work. I was recently reminded of this when I was speaking with an associate about the local real estate market. I was blown-away by the number of contacts she had acquired in virtually any industry. It inspired me to pick her brain. I realized that networking can and should take place anytime and anywhere, even at work … especially at work. Finding out how she networked with others could not only help me advance my career by becoming the resource for others to go to, but it would help me in other aspects of my life.

I needed to know how she networked because it was definitely working:

Which networking events did she go to?

What people was she meeting?

What organizations was she a part of?

How did she follow up with everyone?

I realized by having an in depth face to face with her, I wasn’t just opening the door to finding out how she networked, but I was opening the door to everyone she knew. She has built an extensive network of like-minded business people by joining Master Networks. She has tapped into a powerful network and she was making it even more powerful by her word-of-mouth referrals. Networking should be a part of your everyday life, so look around for those influencers they just might be sitting near you or a phone call away!

By nyctregion13831870, Aug 30 2017 08:21PM

You see each other at networking events, and often, if you are honest, you avoid direct eye contact and pray someone else captures your attention. After all, those stereotypes about Baby Boomers and Millennials may have a pinch of truth in them and what could the two of you possibly have in common? Little do you know, the two of you have much more in common than you realize, and the two of you actually need each other much more than you realize.

Baby Boomers know the value of a network – one that isn’t built overnight and isn’t a one-way street. Millennials often view networking, as how can this help me, but networking is a mutually beneficial two-way street. Networking is building and maintaining genuine relationships with people. It is something you begin building early on in your career, and it is something that you should never stop building. Boomers need fresh ideas and different perspectives from Millennials, as well as, insight on the latest trends and the latest technology. Millennials, not only need access to plethora of contacts, but they also need a mentor. Someone they can learn from, someone’s brain to pick, and someone to model their career after.

By being authentic with one another, you are able to bridge a generational gap, and ultimately, learn and grow from one another. Step across the room, step across the generation gap.

By nyctregion13831870, Apr 16 2017 01:38PM

Master Networks NY/CT
Master Networks NY/CT

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut; each workday is rinse, lather, and repeat? There is no deviation from one day to the next, no deviation from one account to the next because everything fits into the same mold. You aren’t generating new leads. While you know your business in and out, you’ve hit a plateau in profits. At some point most entrepreneurs and business owners get stuck in this cycle.

What’s the remedy? The answer: a network full of fresh eyes. Networking with an organization like Master Networks gives you the opportunity to create new experiences that spark ideas and promote personal development. With a network like Master Networks you have access to a grid of interconnected business people throughout the country that are educating one another, transferring new concepts, and ultimately, trusting in one another by giving each other referrals. Social gatherings and chapter meetings help produce, not only relationships, but the momentum to create new opportunities for one another. The power from Master Networks University creates a surge of energy that plugs into an entire region of potential strategic partners. With a network like this, rinse, lather, repeat becomes non-existent. You are generating new leads and every day is different day.

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