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Increase the value of your MN chapter meetings or your company meetings!  Ask one of our Member Speakers to present at your chapter for additional Training & Development! Contact the speaker directly (with notice please).  You can also use the “spotlight” as a recruiting tool by promoting it.  Contact Tina Campbell for more info 914.441.1383

Michael J. Wieser, Esq. – MJ Wieser Law, Legal Counsel for Business Growth




Member Yorktown chapter of Master Networks


Michael is a small business attorney and angel investor that collaborates with business owners from the spark of their idea - to the successful growth and scaling of their companies - to planning and executing lucrative exits. He provides outside general counsel and advisory board services helping companies create the proper legal and business foundation to make them investor-ready and strategies to explode their profits. Michael is an adjunct professor for entrepreneurship at Westchester Community College, leads legal workshops for the WEDC organization and teaches business and legal workshops at coding schools and online learning platforms. He is a frequent lecturer and panelist on business and law panels at conferences and a judge at pitch events.


Presentation Title: 6 Key Strategies for Increasing the Value of Your Business - In this workshop we will explore six key ways, that you can implement at any time during your business lifecycle, that will not only greatly increase your company's value, but will also result in increased productivity, profitability and transferability. You will leave the workshop with the tactics, strategies and goals you need to scale and leverage your hard work and success.


Availability: “I am flexible, so any days and times with planning will work for me.”



Brian Blum, Maverick Solutions IT, Inc, 914/472-6862

Member “Team-A” Chapter, White Plains Thursday AM chapter of Master Networks


Through the company he founded, Maverick Solutions, Brian provides consulting & support services for computers, networks, Wi-Fi, telephone/voicemail systems, surveillance systems, intercom/access systems, and anything else technology related.  He works primarily with SO/HOs & schools in New York’s lower Hudson Valley, helping them get more value from their technology budgets.  He is a published author, and has been a subject matter expert in certification exam development and training development.  He has served on the staff of Microsoft’s Tech-Ed and Ignite conferences for many years, as a presenter and a subject matter expert.  He holds various Microsoft and CompTIA certifications, and has an M.S.Ed. in Instructional Technology and a B.S. in Information Systems.  He got his first computer in 1982, and has been on the Internet since before it was cool.


Presentation Topic: Data Security – In this presentation, we’ll discuss the three aspects of data security: confidentiality, integrity, and availability.  We’ll help participants understand their risks, and will offer solutions for small businesses and home users to address them.


Availability: Flexible

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Jim Reilly - Legal & Identity Theft Protection

Employee Group Benefits




Member Fishkill, NY chapter of Master Networks


Presentation Title: The Fundamental Truths of Leadership- In business everything begins and ends with leadership. In simple terms, leadership means creating a better future for you, your business, employees and their families. In today’s sea of competition, you need to find ways to bring exceptional value to your clients (if you don’t, your competition will). Guaranteed this business presentation will give you a new perspective on leadership even if you own or work for a company, or in business by yourself. Learn about the truths of leadership, it may be the best business decision you ever made. Your future depends on it.


Application: If your chapter is considering scheduling a business social event, this presentation will deliver value to your chapter members and prospective members. More to the point, it supports Master Networks commitment to business education and development. Jim Reilly will bring a screen, laptop and projector. In addition, Jim will prepare marketing material specifically designed for your venue which can be used to invite guests to your event.

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Jim Sandler - Business Consulting & NY/CT Regional Trainer Master Networks

KM Consulting  201-280-0149/845-341-7819


Jim Sandler, a veteran executive of International Business, Family Business, and entrepreneurship. Jim has over 25 years experience in change management, with demonstrated success in leading cultural change, and identifying where businesses should be positioned to create/enhance future value.


Previous to starting KM Consulting in 2006, Jim built businesses from the ground up, and achieved significant commercial success. He developed, and maximized, global and domestic distribution channels. He also learned how to combine his strategic and creative vision into a leadership process, which served to grow his companies, delivering consistent results in: operations, financial, sales/marketing and client relationship management.


Possible Presentations Topics:  

 1) What is your only? What makes you different/better?

 2) Using DISC to provide better sales results

 3) How to hire so you don't have to fire

 4) Developing a Strategic Plan - Vision, Mission, SWOT, Strategy, Action Items

 5) What you don't see could kill you

 6) Value of business council groups

 7) Developing a sales process

 8) Why should I do business with your company?

 9) Internal Reality vs. External Message (Do you really do what you say you do)?

10) If you could start over, would your business look the same?